Live from RoboCup 2009

This week Richard Allen, Physicist, NIST, will be live blogging from RoboCup 2009 covering the MEMS-scale robot league.

June 28, 2009

Maybe I was a bit premature with the end of my last blog entry:

Let the games begin!

RoboCup 2009 is being held in the Stadthalle Graz, the convention center in Graz Austria.  The competitions will be held in two large halls, with stadium seating for many of the events.  There are hundreds of tables throughout the halls for the participants to use.  But the teams don’t show up until tomorrow.  For now, the center is set up and waiting.

Stadthalle Graz in preparation for RoboCup 2009

The lonely person in the foreground is Craig McGray, my co-worker at NIST; notice the person speeding through on a bicycle in the background.  I don’t think this will be possible tomorrow.

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