MEMS Enables Post-Surgery Patient Monitoring Via Cell Phone

Sensor device-maker Gentag is commercializing a disposable “skin patch” sensing platform that will allow otrthopedic surgery patients to monitor themselves during their recovery. Gentag has already developed a number of other disposable diagnostic patches, including devices for fever and diabetes monitoring.

What on the surface appears to be an ordinary looking bandaid combines advanced MEMS sensors with Gentag’s disposable wireless sensor platform. A patient can then receive updates on his condition through a portable, easily attainable data analysis device, i.e. his cell phone (provided that it’s RFID-capable).

According to Gentag’s website, cell phones are ideal monitoring devices because:

  • Cell phones feature powerful processors for analyzing sensor data
  • Cell phones are ubiquitous
  • Cell phones are networked, and
  • Cell phones can be geolocated, in real time, for emergency needs

Interesting stuff! It should also be mentioned that this is one of those technologies that can help bring down sky-high healthcare costs. Home health monitoring reduces the need for costly hospital stays, and of course frees up more hospital beds too.

More information is available on the Gentag website.

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