HP Finds Novel Use for MEMS Inkjet Printhead Technology

HP and Shell are working together to re-purpose HP’s MEMS technology for use in oil drilling and exploration (Drilling with print heads: Shell and HP develop seismic sensor system – 15/02/2010 – Computer Weekly).

“These MEMS devices have been developed to take electrical signals and convert them to ink droplets,” said Rich Duncombe, distinguished technologist at HP’s Technology Development Organisation. “Just as in the semiconductor industry, the device can be used for another function.”

As a bonus for anyone even thinking about attending MEMS Executive Congress™ 2010, HP’s Rich Duncombe is confirmed as a keynote speaker. MIG is honored to have Mr. Duncombe as a keynote and we can’t wait to hear all about what HP’s up to in MEMS beyond the inkjet printhead. (For more information, the official MEMS Executive Congress™ website, www.memscongress.com, will launch very soon with details about this year’s event.)

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