Yole Développement Releases Annual Ranking of MEMS Companies

Yole Développement: Top 30 MEMS Companies

Yole Développement recently published its annual ranking of the top 30 MEMS companies based on 2009 sales revenue — and it’s heartening to see so many MEMS Industry Group members represented among them.

Some notable highlights include:

  • Texas Instruments, maker of DLP projection and display technology, returns to the number one spot after a two year hiatus, with $648 million in sales for 2009.
  • Robert Bosch, a major supplier of MEMS for the auto industry, and consumer MEMS through its Bosch Sensortec subsidiary, returned to the number 3 spot with an estimated 125% growth for 2009.

MIG member InvenSense also grew at an explosive rate of 497% for 2009, according to Yole’s chart of 2008/2009 growth rates. InvenSense is a maker of MEMS gyroscopes for numerous consumer electronics applications, including gaming and mobile handsets.

Yole Développement: Annual Growth Rates 2008/2009

Check out Yole’s I-Micronews website for more analysis on the top 30 MEMS producers: http://www.i-micronews.com/lectureArticle.asp?id=4160

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