Sensors Expo & Conference 2011: More MEMS Than Ever!

Sensors Expo is honored and excited to have Dr. Hugh Herr as the opening keynote speaker at Sensors 2011. Society is at the threshold of a new age when machines will no longer be separate, lifeless mechanisms, but will instead be intimate extensions of the human body. Such a merging of body and machine will not only improve the quality of life for disabled people, but will allow persons with normal physiologies to experience augmented capabilities—cognitively, emotionally and physically. Professor Hugh Herr of the MIT Media Lab describes “Human 2.0”—an era where technology will merge with our bodies and our minds to forever change our concept of human capability. Hugh features research work that is blurring the distinction between “able bodied” and “disabled,” demonstrating technologies at the neural-digital interface. These new research initiatives are capable of addressing a plethora of conditions currently at clinical impasses, from social-emotional prostheses for persons with autism, to robots that monitor and protect the health of children or the elderly, to the development of smart prostheses that can emulate—and even exceed the capabilities of—biological limbs.  Hugh believes that through an ever-increasing technological sophistication, human disability will largely be eliminated in this century, setting the stage for innovations that will ultimately benefit all humanity. His story and message describe how technology will fundamentally change human capability in this century; his personal story teaches us all how to transform personal limitation into towering achievement.

And new this year, the Sensors Conference Program features a Cutting Edge Applications and Technologies Track. The opening session, Vision 2020: Megatrends in Sensors, is presented by Dr. Rajender Thusu and Kiran Unni of Frost & Sullivan and discusses how the convergence of manufacturing, distribution and retailing;energy harvesting and sustainable habitats; emergence of ‘green engineering’ and cleantech; and smart machines becoming intelligent machines are going to impact the future of sensors; as well as what the parameters of technology development, environmental and regulatory aspects, geopolitical implications that you need to be aware of are in order to attain market share and mind share leadership in the next 10 years. The Developing Motion Control and Pointing Applications for 3D-Like User Experiences session, by Dan Simpkins of Hillcrest Labs, discusses the keys to overcoming the challenges of implementing motion-control technologies to create a 3D-like user experience—at the quality level required for mass market acceptance and for increasing monetization. And the Body-Worn RF Electronics: Product Design & Manufacturing Considerations session, by Scott Bright of Synapse Product Development, will review the global standards & certification processes, including radiated emissions, susceptibility & interference testing, as well as the design parameters, constraints and opportunities integral to remote physiology monitoring.

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