Sensor fusion with MEMS: a 50,000-ft view

Knowing the fusion support available for sensors based on microelectromechanical systems can help jump start designs

By Karen Lightman, managing director, MEMS Industry Group

Originally posted on Electronic Products

Sensor fusion—the intelligent combination of data from several sensors for the purpose of improving application or system performance—has the MEMS industry abuzz with promise. With potentially attractive benefits that include the ability to meet or exceed power, performance, and cost requirements in heterogeneous embedded systems—including mobile handsets and tablets—sensor fusion is moving rapidly into the commercialization phase.

We polled several MEMS Industry Group (MIG) member companies about their respective approaches to sensor fusion, presenting an industry snapshot of solutions. For Jay Esfandyari, MEMS product marketing manager, STMicroelectronics, “sensor fusion uses a set of digital filtering algorithms to compensate for the disadvantages of individual sensors to output accurate dynamic information, such as might be used in a location-based sensor.” And while “sensor fusion” has won its place in the technical lexicon, “multi-sensor data fusion” more accurately describes this functionality.

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