MEMS Industry Group and BSAC form partnership

MEMS Industry Group “MIG”, the leading trade association advancing MEMS across global markets and the  NSF-chartered Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center* “BSAC”, the premier university-based MEMS fundamental research center, have begun formal collaboration  to bring people and information together to advance knowledge that helps understanding of and mitigation of the barriers that prevent the greater commercial use of MEMS and MEMS-enabled technology.

BSAC will, in fulfillment of this collaboration, become and industry partner of MIG and provide a candidate for the MIG Technical Advisory Board, namely, Professor Albert P. Pisano. The two groups will continue joint educational efforts begun at the Fall 2011 Research Review and 25th anniversary of BSAC. MIG will co-host a workshop at the September 2012 BSAC Thrust sessions in Berkeley September 19, and participate in a joint technical webinar in the fall of 2012.

*BSAC is the NSF Industry/University Research Center on Microsensors & Actuators.

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